Sublease Agreement Hoas

If you sublet your apartment, you are still the main tenant with regard to Hoas and, as such, you are responsible for the condition of the apartment. If z.B. are charged by the tenant during the duration of the tenancy, these invoices are addressed to the principal tenant. A student who rents an apartment in Hoas may temporarily rent his apartment to third parties during the summer months (May-August) or for the duration of a work experience related to studies or an exchange. The principal tenant must hand over the keys to the subtenant at the beginning of the rental period and pick them up when the tenant moves. The principal tenant cannot leave the keys to Hoas so that the subtenant can pick up the keys at the end of the sublease contract, nor can the tenant return the keys to Hoas. Always create a written sublease contract. Please use the subletting form. You should always notify Hoas at least one month in advance before the subtenant settles in by sending a carefully completed and signed sublease contract to hoas Service Center housingservices[at]

If the lease stagnates under the old rules of a fixed term due to maintenance, the contract can be signed until further notice if you do not run into problems with your rents or rents, and you will continue your studies. The tenant is responsible for the renewal application. If your lease has been fixed due to a history of credit default, it may be renewed to another four-month fixed-term contract, unless there have been problems with rent payment and no other reason has been given to oppose an extension. The tenant is responsible for the renewal application. Always create a sublease contract in writing, please use the sublet form. If you have not informed Hoas that you are subletting your apartment on the required date or if the subletting conditions are not met, Hoas has the right not to allow subletting. An apartment for family or friends can be sublet on the number of people indicated by the available rooms (z.B. a three-bedroom apartment can be rented to three tenants).

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